Ptosis Infomation

Eyelid ptosis refers to an upper eyelid, which is drooping below its normal position. Ptosis can affect one or both eyes. Ptosis can block our vision, and is often considered a medical issue if the edge of the eyelid is covering any part of the pupil.


There are several causes of ptosis.

Aponeurotic (The most common cause) The muscle slipped and is no longer attached to the tarsus.

  • Aging

  • Contact Lens Use

  • Previous Surgery

  • Allergies and chronic Eye rubbing

  • Trauma


Congenital ptosis. Congenital ptosis is typically present since birth. It results from poor development of the levator muscle of the upper eyelid.





Although ptosis typically does not affect visual acuity (except in children), it can block the superior portion of the visual field. Other symptoms include fatigue of the forehead and eyebrows, which is most notable when reading. Some patient must maintain a chin-up position to be able to perform their normal activities.


Ptosis treatment is based on the severity of the droopiness and function of the levator muscle (muscle which elevates the eyelid). Common ptosis (aponeurotic ptosis) can be treated from the inside surface of the eyelid (internal approach- conjunctival/ Mueller’s muscle resection) or from the outside surface of the eyelid (external approach- levator aponeurosis advancement). The correct approach is based on diagnostic tests performed by Dr. Braunstein during the course of your consultation. In adults, surgery is usually performed while the patient is awake. Repair may be performed with either local anesthesia, local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the approach. Dr. Braunstein will discuss these options and details during your consultation.



Dr. Braunstein is nothing short of AMAZING. Went to her for chalazion surgery. She performed it in the office - it was quick, painless and absolutely perfect! She has such a pleasant and calm demeanor and wonderful bedside manner. She is highly skilled as is evident by my wonderful results. Not a drop of bruising and no pain afterwards at ALL. Best doctor hands down!! Thank you Dr. Braunstein!


Patient Testimonials

One word! AWESOME!!


You’ve been a great doctor. Keep doing what you do to help so many people. I was overcome with thankfulness when I thought of how much the surgery you gave me changed my life. Thank you so much for the great care and surgery you performed on me.


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