Trauma & Lacerations


Trauma & Lacerations- Evaluation and treatment of trauma of the eyelids and eye socket (orbit) require extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience.

Braunstein is an ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Morristown, New Jersey and New York City. Her practice is wholly focused on the complex and delicate eyelids and orbit. This is exactly why Dr. Braunstein is uniquely qualified to evaluate and treat trauma in this area.

As a trained ophthalmologist and microsurgeon Dr. Braunstein possesses the skills and knowledge to maximize your cosmetic result while restoring the structure and function of the eyelids and orbit necessary to protect your eyes and vision.


Entropion is a “turning in” of the eyelid and typically occurs on the lower eyelid, causing the skin and lashes to rub against the cornea. This eye condition is most often a result of aging as the eyelid muscles weaken, but may also occur due to a chemical injury, skin infections, scarring, complications from another surgery, or trauma. When the eyelid rolls inward, skin and eyelashes may cause significant damage or irritation to the eye. The most common symptoms of entropion include eye irritation and dry eyes.

Entropion Surgery Procedure

As with most eye conditions, the exact treatment method is dependent on the specific needs of the patient and the cause of entropion:

  • Entropion due to muscle weakness: The surgery may involve the removal of a small section of eyelid to tighten the muscles in the area.

  • Entropion due to scars or prior surgery: The procedure may rely on a skin graft to allow a re-positioning of the eyelid.

Some mild to moderate cases of entropion can be temporarily treated with nonsurgical methods, such as lubricating eye drops, eyelid tape, or sutures. By adding strategically placed sutures inside the eyelid, Dr. Braunstein may be able to help support the eyelid enough that it does not rub against the eye.

Most instances of entropion, however, must eventually be treated through surgical methods in order to prevent vision loss and permanent damage to the eye. Entropion repair is an outpatient procedure that typically only requires local anesthesia and a mild sedative. Depending on the exact needs of the patient, entropion repair may involve the removal of a small section of the eyelid or a skin graft to help reposition the eyelid.



Dr. Braunstein is nothing short of AMAZING. Went to her for chalazion surgery. She performed it in the office - it was quick, painless and absolutely perfect! She has such a pleasant and calm demeanor and wonderful bedside manner. She is highly skilled as is evident by my wonderful results. Not a drop of bruising and no pain afterwards at ALL. Best doctor hands down!! Thank you Dr. Braunstein!


Patient Testimonials

One word! AWESOME!!


You’ve been a great doctor. Keep doing what you do to help so many people. I was overcome with thankfulness when I thought of how much the surgery you gave me changed my life. Thank you so much for the great care and surgery you performed on me.


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