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Eyelid Gold Weight Implantation:

The loss of eye closure and blinking is one of the most significant problems associated with Bell’s Palsy/Facial Paralysis. Disruption of this protective mechanism can lead to irritation of the eye, ulceration of the cornea, and blindness. The procedure is initiated by selecting the proper size gold weight for rapid eye closure without the look or sensation of eyelid drooping for natural-looking results.


Partially Sewn Eyelids The eye needs the eyelid for protection. It also needs tears and periodic blinking to cleanse it and keep it moist. There are many conditions such as Bell’s Palsy/Facial paralysis, Exophthalmos (eyes bulging out of the eye sockets), and Sjogren’s syndrome that impair these functions and threaten the eye, especially the cornea, with drying. Sewing the eyelids partially together helps protect the eye until the underlying condition can be corrected.

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